1. We are a small UAE importer/Exporter with a need to ship from different locations in Asia, can IGSF offer this service?
Yes, IGSF offers sea freight and air freight services from origins across Asia to the UAE and can also arrange shipment to other destinations.
2. My company is UAE based and our export shipments are executed under Letters of Credit. Can IGSF handle the shipping and help us to comply with the terms of the Letter of Credit?
Yes, Our export department work with customers to ensure that the shipping requirements of the L/C are met and GBS also offers additional services to help negotiate letters of credit.
3. What is a Bill of Lading?
A Bill of Lading is a transport document issued in sea freight. It is a document normally required to be presented at destination to obtain the release of cargo.
4. What is an Airwaybill?
Transport document for Airfreight. The Airwaybill (AWB) number and flight information enables tracking of your consignment.
5. Can IGSF ship very small consignments?
It is usually cost effective if your shipment weight is more than 50 kilos.
6. What sort of Customers work with IGSF?
IGSF work with all sorts of clients, from very small businesses to large multinationals. Our White goods service, personal effects, and auto divisions also deal with sole traders as well as members of the public.
7. Does IGSF work with customers outside Europe?
Yes, we already represent Customers located in different parts of the world that need us to act on their behalf in the UAE.
8. Does IGSF ship all types of goods?
Yes we have a varied customer base involved in all types of industries.
9. Where does IGSF arrange shipping to?
IGSF operates Import and Export services on a worldwide basis.
10. Do I need Insurance?
Carriers’ terms and conditions can limit liability in the event of loss or damage. There is no guarantee of a recovery against a carrier for loss or damage to goods and if a recovery is successfully made it is frequently not for the full amount of the loss because the law sets limits on the compensation carriers are required to pay. Cargo insurance In these circumstances is, at the very least, desirable. IGSF recommends goods are adequately covered by insurance.
11.Can IGSF arrange cargo insurance cover for me?
Yes in most cases IGSF can arrange insurance cover.
12. What does FCL and LCL mean?
FCL = Full Container Load. LCL = Less than Container Load (see FCL/LCL ).
13. How much can I fit into a sea container?
Please see our approximate guide to sea container specifications .